My attempt at Food Planning

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Food, Planning
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In an effort to grocery shop efficiently, I’ve decided to at least plan our dinners for Monday through Friday.  I use two sites to help me, Pinterest and  I also use books, but this week I didn’t.

Here is my Menu for this week.  I’ve added links to the recipes that I’m using as guides.  I like putting my own spin on things, or just lazy to actually measure.

Monday: Bento Box: Beef Teryaki, Fried Zucchini, Rice

Tuesday: Baked Potato

This is simple.  Who doesn’t know how to make a baked potato?

 Wednesday: Chicken Ring + Salad

Here is a recipe for the Chicken Ring.  I have a different one that I got from my mother in law, but this works as well.

Thursday:  Anything can happen Thursday (an ode to Big Bang Theory) Basically I’ll cook whatever we have or feel like this night, or convince the husband to go out for dinner.

Friday: Lasagna, Rolls or Classic, I haven’t decided yet.    Several Ideas: Classic, Rolls, or Petite.  I’m thinking of doing the classic filling though.

I’ll write how this turns out at the end of this week and possibly try to take pictures of it all.  I might even try to make one of the menu planning, post thingys.  Now I need to write a grocery list and stick to it.


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